Camp can be one of the most formative times in a students life when it comes to their walk with the Lord. We believe that camp is an awesome place for students to get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday life, and focus on the things that matter. Camp is also a place where some of the best lifetime memories and friendships are made!

YOUTH CAMP JUNE 18-23 2018

Kids Camp June 25-30 2018

The alliance southeast camps are for two distinct age groups: KIDS CAMP is for 1st-5th graders and YOUTH CAMP is for 6th-12th graders. Our campers are split up like this so that we can minister to them in a way that speaks to their specific needs according to their age.


THe alliance southeast Camp takes place on the beautiful campus of

Lake Swan Camp.

located at: 647 FL-26, Melrose, FL 32666